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Offer 5166: CR and HR Steel Sheets Ex Belgium   

Origin:                             Belgium   Material:                          HR Sheets S235, CR Sheets DC01 Selection:                        Not Allowed                               QTY:                               200 MT Sizes:                             2.5 mm Width:                            1500 mm Length:                          3000 DOCUMENTS:                EUR1 CERTIFICATE Price :                            USD 709/-PMT CFR Karachi Port Pakistan. Kindly submit your firm bid with destination port
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Offer 5160: Cold Rolled Prime Steel Coils Ex Europe

Origin:                             France Europe Material:                          Prime                          Selection:                        Allowed                               QTY:                               733 MT Sizes:                             0.65 mm to  1.0 mm Width:                            805 to 1264 mm Price :                            Euro 650 /-PMT FOB Antwerpen. Kindly submit your firm bid with destination port
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Offer 5157: GI CR HR Coils Ex Europe

Origin:                             Italy  Material:                          2nd Choice, Soft Material                            Selection:                        Not Allowed                               QTY:                               100 MT Sizes:                             0.3 MM ~ 2.5 MM Width:                            845 MM ~ 1500 MM Price :                            Euro 540  /-PMT CFR Port Said Egypt. Kindly submit your firm bid with destination port
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Offer 5156: PPGI GI EGI CR Coils Ex Europe

Origin:                             Italy   Material:                          2nd Choice, Soft Material                             Selection:                        Allowed                               QTY:                               642.98MT (Total 3 Packing lots) Sizes:                             0.25 MM ~ 3.5 MM Width:                            235 MM ~ 1722 MM Price :                            Euro 505  /-PMT CFR Port Said Egypt. Certificate:                      Euro1 Certificate available. Kindly submit your firm bid with destination port
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Origin:                             Japan Material:                          2nd Choice, CR, COATED(EG, ALLOY, GI, AND ETC.) (MAINLY ABT. 80% HIGH-TENSILE TS60UP)                           Selection:                      Not  Allowed                               QTY:                               215 MT Sizes:                             0.30 MM ~ 3.20 MM Width:                            600 MM ~ 1600 MM Mostly COIL WEIGHT:              ABT. 200 KGS – 15T (MAINLY 200 KGS – 3T) Price :                            USD 500 …
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Offer 5152: CR Steel Coils Stock Ex Europe 

Origin:                             Europe Material:                          0.13mm to 0.18mm Hard                                        Other in general are soft.   Choice:                            2nd                             Selection:                       Allowed                                QTY:                               560 MT, 20 Containers Sizes:                             0.13 MM ~ 0.50 MM Width:                            600 MM ~ 1300 MM Price :                            USD 595 /-PMT CFR India. Note: See photos attached. Sample packing list…
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Offer 5144: GI CR Aluminum HR&P Coils Stock Ex Europe

Origin:                             Italy Material:                          HDGI, CR, Aluminum, HR&P Coils Quality:                            Soft                              Selection:                         Not Allowed                               QTY:                                109 Tons,  Sizes:                              0.4 MM ~ 3.9 MM Width:                             545 MM ~ 1640 MM Certificate:                       Euro1 Available Price :                             Euro 500/-PMT CFR to Egypt. Kindly submit your firm bid with destination port
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Offer 5143: GI EG CR AS HR Sheets Stock Ex Europe

Origin:                             Europe Material:                          GI EG CR AS HR(Small quantity) Quality:                            Stock as pictures attached   Selection:                         Allowed                               QTY:                                175 Tons,  Sizes:                              0.4 MM ~ 8.0 MM Width:                             230 MM ~ 1630 MM Price :                             On Bid Kindly submit your firm bid with destination port
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Offer 5136: Cold Roll Sheets Ex Japan

Origin:                              Japan Material:                          Cold Roll UA Sheets Quality:                            UA Soft Sheets as per attached pics Selection:                         Not Allowed                                QTY:                                100Tons,  Sizes:                              0.40 MM ~ 1.80 MM Width:                             900 MM ~ 1240 MM Price :                             USD 580/-PMT CNF Haiphong port. Kindly submit your firm bid with destination port
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Offer 5134: HR CR GI Mix Sheets Stock Ex Spain

Origin:                               Spain Material:                           HR CR GI Mix sheets Quality:                            Unassorted, Soft Commercial as per attached pics Selection:                        Not Allowed                               QTY:                                325Tons,  Sizes:                              0.40 MM ~ 4.0 MM Width:                             600 MM ~ 2000 MM Price :                             USD 530 /-PMT CNF port. Kindly submit your firm bid with destination port
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