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Offer 5169: Galvanized, Alusi, CRFH, ETP Coils Ex Europe  

Origin:                             Europe    Material:                          2nd Choice   Selection:                        Not Allowed                               QTY:                               140.313 MT Sizes:                             0.60 mm to 3.00mm Width:                            1042 mm to 1808 mm   Price :                            Price : USD 650/- PMT CNF  Turkey Kindly submit your firm bid with destination port
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Offer 5167: ETP Steel Sheets and Coils Ex Mill

Origin:                             Shougang Mill China     Material:                          2nd Choice Selection:                        Allowed                               QTY:                               371 MT Sizes:                             0.14 mm to 0.34mm Width:                            754mm to 1014 mm Price :                            USD 860 /-PMT CFR Karachi Port Pakistan. Kindly submit your firm bid with destination port
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Origin:                            Taiwan Grade:                            Secondary Selection:                        Not allowed                               QTY:                               50 Tons,  Sizes:                              0.2 ~ 0.5  MM, (mostly 0.45 – 1.0 mm) Width:                             1000- 1250 MM Length                             900 ~ 1250MM (mostly 1800 mm up) Price :                            605USD /MT CFR KARACHI PORT Kindly submit your firm bid with destination port Also please note…
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Offer 5108: Tinplate Steel Coils Stock Ex USA, Canada

Origin:                            Canada, USA, Mexico Grade:                            2nd Choice Selection:                        Allowed QTY:                               294 Tons,  Sizes:                             0.15 ~ 0.31  MM, Width:                            744- 1153 MM Price :                            On Bid Kindly submit your firm bid with destination port
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Offer 5104: ETP Steel Coils Stock Ex Europe

Available At:                    jebel Ali Port Grade:                            Non Prime Selection:                        Allowed QTY:                               292 Tons,  Sizes:                             0.28 MM, Width:                            802- 961 MM Price :                            On bid Kindly submit your firm bid with destination port
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Offer 5084: Tinplate Coils Stock Ex Shougang China

Grade:                           Prime + A   Origin:                           China Mill:                               Shougang QTY:                              425 Tons,  Sizes:                            0.13 – 0.43 MM, Width:                           710 – 1130 MM Coil Wight:                    0.267MT to 9.75MT Price :                           In the List but average Price 957 USD /- PMT FOB Kindly submit your firm bid with destination port
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Black Plate Steel Coils Ex Mill Serbia HBIS

Black Plate Steel CoilsSubject unsold Thickness: 0.14 MM ~ 0.50 MMQty: 490.70 MT Grade: A, A1 Origin: Serbia HBIS Width: 784 MM ~ 1195 MMPrice: 480$ CFR For Karachi port Pakistan. If you are interested please submit your bid idea with your destination port.
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